And then it all begins….  Your new life with a baby.

During pregnancy people prepare themselves increasingly better for giving birth, but the period after that is often an underexposed period.

But it’s super important to prepare for the postpartum period and the months that follow, especially during pregnancy. Because the better prepared you are, the better you’ll experience the first months together.

Course Curriculum

Introduction: What are you going to do? FREE 00:03:00
The Mom & co app – course material. 00:01:00
Mom en Co Essentials List. 00:10:00
Everything you want to know about the baby.
Those precious first hours with your baby. 00:02:00
Pee and Poo. 00:10:00
Changing your baby’s diaper 00:05:00
How to bathe your baby. 00:05:00
Taking a Baby’s Temperature. 00:03:00
Sleep… and the lack of it. 00:15:00
Sleeping Safely. 00:08:00
Why is your baby crying and how can you deal with it? 00:15:00
Common diseases. 00:10:00
Vitamine K and D. 00:00:00
Taking care of your baby’s nails. 00:00:00
Communicating with your baby – baby gestures. 00:04:00
Carrying your baby in a baby carrier / cloth. 00:03:00
About strollers and car seats. 00:02:00
The parents
5 things you want to know before giving birth. 00:08:00
Your birth story. 01:00:00
Role of the caregivers. 00:05:00
Breast and bottle feeding. 01:25:00
Pumping milk with a relaxing visualization. 00:15:00
Emotional roller coaster. 01:00:00
Changes in your relationship – dividing tasks 01:15:00
Changing friendships. 00:05:00
The importance of self-care. 00:15:00
Affirmations for after birth. 00:02:00
Postpartum recovery. 01:00:00
Your pelvic floor. 00:45:00
Healthy food. 00:05:00
Healing Recipes for Postpartum Recovery. 00:30:00
Contraception and sex. 00:10:00
Which formalities must be arranged? 00:03:00
The maternity plan. 01:00:00
Back to work. 00:04:00
Closing – enjoy the ride. 00:02:00

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