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You are at the start of a new, special, and probably also exciting period in your life. It is of course very important that you prepare well for this, together.

If this is not the first time, you might want to deepen and refresh your old knowledge. You do this by going through the online pregnancy course together. Write down things you come across that you want to talk about. We will discuss this during the online consultation that we will schedule. This way we can also discuss any previous experience’s you’ve had and give specific advice about your situation. This way you get a tailor-made birth preparation!

The Mom & co course is a full and empowering pregnancy course with elements of hypnobirthing and mindfulness, but the medical knowledge of the midwives keeps it down to earth and creates the best possible conditions for your little one to arrive.

In the online pregnancy course (Consisting of English texts, English audio, subtitled videos, and English voiceovers), you will learn everything about the delivery using high-quality videos, audio files, in-depth written text, and assignments. You will work on a positive mindset and become a pro in relaxation.

Midwives Aline and Lonneke explain the theory in a fun and active way. They teach you about specific hormones, the nervous system, and of course the different birth stages and anatomy.

You will receive tools such as breathing and massage techniques, as well as visualizations and affirmations. And what if things don’t go as planned? And you have to give birth under the supervision of a hospital due to a medical indication? In this course, you learn to move with the flow of the delivery, whether at home or in the hospital. Because we cannot control how delivery goes, but we can influence how you deal with it. That makes this course suitable for everyone, even if you already know that you have to undergo a planned Caesarean section, for example. In those sorts of circumstances, it can be super valuable to have learned the tools we will teach you here!


  • Hours of preparation that you can follow where en when you want.
  • An active and fun way of ingesting information.
  • Professional video and audio files.
  • Includes downloadable course material such as audio files and e-book.
  • Written and taught by midwives, the experts in pregnancy and birth.
  • Do you have an additional insurance package? Then the course is almost always reimbursed!
  • Including valuable information for a medical birth.
  • Pregnant for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time? Also perfect as a refresher course!
  • Get in touch with Mom & co midwives easily.
  • 9 months of access to the learning environment.

Course Curriculum

Introduction: What are we going to do exactly? FREE 00:03:00
The importance of a positive mindset and how you can influence it.
Mindset and the autonomic nervous system. 00:16:00
Birth stories and our podcast. 00:05:00
Birth video’s 00:15:00
Everything you need to know about childbirth.
The Dutch healthcare system. 00:05:00
Anatomy, the different birth stages and what are contractions anyway? 00:30:00
Hormones and their function during birth. 00:20:00
Breathing, and how to use it during labor. 00:45:00
The partners’ role. 00:05:00
What if things don't go as planned?
What are the most common medical indications? 00:20:00
The Birth Plan and your wishes for the delivery. 01:00:00
What types of pain relief are there during childbirth? 00:20:00
What can you expect when you have a Cesarean section? 00:07:00
Affirmations. 01:00:00
The power of visualization. 01:30:00
Shoulder anchor. 00:30:00
Massage techniques and pressure points.
Rebozo massage. 00:30:00
Light touch massage. 00:20:00
Pressure points. 00:07:00
Postures during birth and the pushing phase.
Which postures are helpfull during labor? 00:20:00
Pushing technique. 00:05:00
The pelvic floor and how to relax it.
Perineum massage and the epi-no. 00:05:00
Pelvic floor exercise. 00:10:00
The post partum periode.
Babytime: And then it all really starts. 00:13:00
Conclusion: you guys are going to rock it! 00:02:00

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