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Introduction: What are we going to do exactly?

Yes! It is about to start! You are at the brink of a new, special, and probably very exciting period in your life. It’s obviously very important that you, together, are very well prepared for this.

During this course, midwives Aline and Lonneke take you trough different chapters using high-quality videos and audio files, in-depth text and assignments. Many hours of preperation, ensuring you are fully ready for the arrival of your baby!

Our advice is to really take the time to go through the course at your leisure. For example, make sure that you take a few evenings off together. Create a nice date night atmosphere, and go trough the chapters with attention. Do the assignments and practice with the tools. All visualizations, affirmations and breathing techniques can also be listened to on a free meditation app called Insight timer, anytime, anywhere.

You can complete the course independently where and when you want to. Our advice is to do it in order, but feel free to choose different chapters as you go. In the appendix of this lesson you will find an optional guide on how to get started with the course material if you need some guidance. You will find the audio files as a download at the bottom of the chapters, so you can always listen to them, even long after you have completed the course.

Enjoy the ride!

Now watch the video ‘Introduction’:

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